Muscular Brad does some skinny dipping by the pool

horny straight jock brad

Brad is a 24 year old bodybuilder that was spotted at a gym by the GayHoopla pornsite. They liked what they saw so Brad was invited over to cool off in their pool and partake in some skinny dipping.

This horny straight jock was very interested in breaking into porn and making some quick cash so he was eager to accept the offer, even from a pornsite with the word “gay” in it’s name!

Brad stripped out of his clothes and walked into the pool, splashing around and goofing off. While watching his masturbation video I couldn’t take my eyes off his rock hard body and the way he couldn’t keep his hands off his dick.

Brad is quite the ham and says “I just like to have a good time”. Wait till you see his cum shot! Load after load of hot cum shoots across his six pack abs and up onto his chest. It left me speechless!

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horny straight jock brad
horny straight jock brad

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